It’s been a while….

The NEW wheel I ordered finally came in and I picked it up at my favorite little local motorcycle shop yesterday. It’s ready to go with a fresh Pilot Road tire and a nice shiny, bug-free finish (Oooooh shiny!). I still need to install my brake rotors and ABS-ring before the R1200ST can come down off it’s perch on the car jack.

I’m also in urgent need of some new brake pads. I’m slightly bitter at my local shop for talking me out of ordering them a week ago. But really.. I love my shop. They mostly do Japanese bikes, so I understand them being a little confused by the peculiarities of my BMW.

The conversation went like this…

A week (or so) ago:
Me: “I’m ordering this outrageously expensive new wheel. I know that I need new front brake pads too. Should I buy them now too?”
Shop: “Nah…we’ve got plenty of brake pads in stock. You can pick them up when you pick up the wheel in a week.”

Me: “Oooh…nice wheel. Looks good. So how about those brake pads?”
Shop: “Let me just look in my handy dandy catalog to check what brake pads your bike takes. Oh! We don’t stock those. Would you like me to order them for you?”
Me: ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. No. I’ll order them online and get them shipped to my door.

Me (looking online at aftermarket pads): BACKORDERED?!?!?!?! Til mid-April?!?!?!?!

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