I Didn’t Do It!

Wash the bike, that is. Wild West Honda/BMW did. Aren’t they nice?

I dropped the R1200ST off at the Katy, TX dealer early this morning for new brake pads and a brake system bleed. While I was there, I purchased an oil filter and some new Teknic gloves.

A few hours later, I got a call; “You have some extra wiring and plumbing under the body work, so the labor costs will be a little higher than you were originally quoted.” Sheepishly, I said that was fine.

When I came back at 5:30pm to pick up the bike, the service manager remarked, “You’re a Rider.”

“Oh?” I said, “How can you tell?”

“Well, you have a whole lot of ‘stuff’ installed, and it’s obvious the bike only gets a bath when it rains. We washed off some very ancient dead bugs.”

I gave him my standard response, “Every bug is a Badge of Honor!” before paying and heading out to the parking lot to don my dusty, bug-gut streaked riding jacket and black helmet with white bunny ears.

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