36k Service

I did a 36,000 mile service on the R1200ST on September 8 (weekend before last). Valve adjust, oil change, and a new rear tire. It was the first motorcycle maintenance I’ve done in my new garage… Also the first time I’ve ever gotten the ST onto the centerstand without someone standing on the other side “just in case”.

Apparently Pilot Road rears are on backorder with the release of the new Michelin Pilot Road CTs, so I took a Metzler Z6 instead. SPORT-touring riders rave about the Z6, but I, being more of a sport-TOURING rider, have never tried them. I’m a little concerned that I won’t get good mileage out of them, but they seem very “tire”-like so far. 😉

I did a run out and back to Austin last weekend to break them in. I’m leaving for CSTN (Central Sport-Touring.Net Meet) on Thursday after work. It’s up in Eureka Springs, AR again. I’m going to have to figure out something else for next year, because the ST.N National Meet is scheduled for Eureka Springs in June.

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