Looking Ahead

My touring schedule for the year is starting to shape up.

I’ve decided to forgo my usual two week trip in favor of a couple of shorter tours.

If I can get the GS outfitted for distance riding (windshield and luggage rack) by the end of February, there is a big Dual Sport event near Big Bend. There is one unpaved road that I’d like to try, but I don’t want to go overboard on DS riding just yet.

I’m planning an 11 day southwest tour in the first week of April. This trip will coincide with the Santa Barbara, CA wedding of a very good friend from college and the STN Region 2 meet in Alpine, TX. I’m currently routing to hit Death Valley and various national parks in Utah. I’m also hoping to schedule a meet up with some Bay Area friends during this trip.

The STN national meet is in June in Eureka Springs, AR. It’s mid week, but only a day’s ride away. I’m thinking that I’ll probably work either monday or friday of that week. I definitely want to attend, but I don’t want to take a lot of time off for this event.

In Fall (possibly September) I’m planning a one week (9 day) trip to New England. This may or may not include my attendance at CSTN (Central STN meet).

I’m in tentative talks with a few friends from STN to possibly do a fly/rent to Alaska in June or July. We’ll see if that happens.

I’d also like to do Femmoto this year after missing last year. We’ll see how finances work out when October rolls around.

As usual, nothing is set in stone until I’m out the door and on the road.

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