Westbound Flight

Lately I’ve had my share of being crammed into a coach class airplane seat with headphones jammed into my ears playing loud tunes to drown out the noise of rushing engines. I’ve jetted over the country, staring wistfully out the window at puffy clouds, colorful terrain, and twinkling cities dotting the horizon.

When I heard that my long-time friend Steven (fellow super-involved 4-Her, fellow dorm resident advisor, college roommate, and at one point in my life almost like a brother) was getting married in early April, my first thought was to look at airplane ticket prices. After looking at my calendar, my next thought was a long and considered “Hmmm.”

The wedding was to be in Santa Barbara, CA. The following weekend was the Sport-Touring.Net Region 2 meet in Alpine, TX (almost halfway to California). The wheels turned (swooped through curves?) in my head as I contemplated my available vacation time and probable early spring conditions (negating the really good stuff in the Sierras and Rockies).

I finally decided to skip the flight in favor of loading up the R1200ST for an 11-day western US excursion.

In a few minutes I’ll buckle up and take off on a grueling 1600 mile 2-day interstate blast to California. The return trip will be a little more relaxed. I’m going to drift up the coast and visit some friends in the San Francisco Bay Area before heading east into Utah and New Mexico. I just need to land myself in Alpine by next Friday.

I’ll try to post updates nightly… but I can’t guarantee nightly internet access. Enjoy the flight!

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