30 Days of 30

Last month I half-jokingly designated January 30th + February + March 1 as my “30 Days of 30”.

I will turn 30 on the 6th of February, a date that is now fast approaching. Thinking further about it, and with the BF bringing it up again and taking it much more seriously than I originally did, I’ve made it a goal to do something neat and out of the usual rut for myself on a regular schedule during the 30 day period.

I think a daily activity is probably an unattainable goal (a bit too much like a grueling IBA ride) so I’ll go with a number-riffic! THREE out-of-the-ordinary activities per week.

It’s only Monday and I’ve already gotten two down.

W1A1 (week 1, activity 1):
(Jan 30 – Feb 1)Last weekend was spent in Austin, TX. BF, I, and some of BF’s friends attended a showing of “Master Pancake Theater : The Matrix” at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown. We had dinner and drinks in the theater while 3 comedians spent some time mocking the movie but mostly focused on Keanu’s acting skills (or lack thereof). Before heading back to Houston in the morning we stopped at Kerbey Lane, a cute local cafe. I had some of the best buttermilk pancakes ever (sorry Dad!).

(Feb 2) I attended a Bike Night! It’s been FOREVER since I managed to get myself out for a ride after work. The GS accommodatingly roared to life after a night on the trickle charger. I was a good little rider and made sure to top off the tires before riding off to Sugarland and the Live Oak Grill. I only realized after I’d gotten on the freeway that the last time I’d worn my winter/touring jacket was in July and all the vents were open, streaming 50 degree plus a 70 mph windchill air onto my body. Brrrrrrr!

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