30 Days of 30 (cont.)

W1A3 (week 1, activity 3):
(Feb 6) My actual 30th birthday. Nice day at work, got some gifts from coworkers and boss. BF and I met up at Rice Village after work and went out to dinner at Bombay Brasserie, a yummy Indian place.

(Feb 7) My “observed” 30th birthday. (if public figures can do it… 😛 ) I dragged BF over to my parent’s place around 3pm. We spent 3-5 cooking furiously and then the next few hours after that being furiously social. It was a nice relaxed party with around 10 friends (mostly fellow riders) in attendance. Everyone raved about the food: Tri Tip (it’s a California thing), roasted turkey breast, red potato salad, Dad’s Special baked beans, garlic bread, shrimp nachos, salsa, and guac. We finished off the party with a home-baked cake (yellow cake filled with vanilla pudding and fresh bananas with chocolate frosting). I managed not to spit on it. (I think/hope)

(Feb 11) BF and I decided to be adventurous. Most of my past home cooking Thai endeavors have involved lots and lots (and lots) of peanut butter. This time we tried for Thai-style red chicken curry. There was a hint of restaurant-grade taste to it, but we both agreed that something was missing. There will definitely be more attempts (we have 3/4 can of curry paste to go through).

(Feb 14) (the Valentine’s edition) A while back, one of BBFITW (bestest BF in the world)’s coworkers introduced me to a wine type that I could actually drink without making a face (Muscato D’Asti). BF got me a bottle of that wine for my birthday. After going out for sushi, we headed to Pier1 for some fun wine glasses. Then back to his place for a relaxing evening with wine (yummy), a movie, and Lucy.

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