Sori’s Fishing Trip

I took the bunnies outside for some brushing and nail trimming yesterday afternoon. Bri (mom’s bunny) and Ari just wanted to sit in the sun. Sori decided to stretch her legs. She was madly hopping around the huge backyard, jumping more than I’ve ever seen her. Kelsey the scottie tried to keep up, but couldn’t.

My parents have a small goldfish pond right off their covered porch. Most of the time it’s covered with a light black netting on black abs pipe frames to keep birds and other varmints away from the fish.

I guess Sori either didn’t see the pond or didn’t understand what the rocks surrounding it meant. In one of her mad dashes, she got herself stuck in the mesh right in the center of the pond. The mesh sagged, but held and she didn’t go for a dipping. It was only one jump for her, but she was beyond easy reach, so we had to pick up the net on one side and poke her with a broom handle to *assist* her off the pond.

We decided that she’d had enough after that.

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