18k Service on the R1200ST

Well, I finally did it, even if it was a few miles late (at 19, 300).

Rebecca came over for bagels and lox on Thanksgiving morning. After finishing breakfast, we headed out to the garage to tackle the service on the R1200ST.

I was fairly confident that the valve adjust would be a breeze. I had printed out the entire section on valve adjusts from my service CD, and also a very good thread from Advrider.

Instructions? Check! Tools? Check! Gloves? Check! Grease smudge on nose? CHECK!

Open engine surgery: this is the scary part.

The valve adjust was even easier than expected. I don’t think I’ll ever again pay a dealership to do it. Next we moved on to an oil change, draining some very black oil and refilling it with clean Shell Rotella T Synthetic.

Next step: Beg a Twinmax-owning friend to help me sync the throttle bodies.

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