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18k Service on the R1200ST

Well, I finally did it, even if it was a few miles late (at 19, 300). Rebecca came over for bagels and lox on Thanksgiving morning. After finishing breakfast, we headed out to the garage to tackle the service on … Continue reading

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Full Beaver Moon Tech Day

Last weekend, Rebecca, Deb, Eric, and I rode up to Canton, TX to attend a tech day, BBQ, and camp-out held by Howard and Jill from TWTex. I only took a few pictures, but the photo thread is here on … Continue reading

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Cool and Crisp

This morning it was 54 degrees, with a clear blue sky and a light breeze. Perfect riding weather, eh? I could just imagine bundling into my warm new winter gear, plugging in the Widder vest, flipping on the grip warmers, … Continue reading

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Cancun Photos

Just got back from Cancun this evening. I’m not going to do a big report, but here are a few choice pictures: The beach at my hotel, the Hilton Cancun:We arrived at sunset on Wednesday. I spent a few hours … Continue reading

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Review: Racer Multi-Top Gloves

Waterproof & Good Feel, Without Compromising Protection: I’m kinda a gear-collector (to put it nicely). I have several different pairs of jackets, pants, gloves, and boots. I look for quality and comfort, but also protection. Lately I’ve been particularly challenged … Continue reading

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New Gear & One Year on the R1200ST

Just in time for winter….. I decided a few months ago that my FirstGear Hypertex Air Pants weren’t going to cut it for winter. While I don’t expect to see any snow, Texas does get colder than California. After much … Continue reading

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Belated Kitty update

I brought Cali home from the vet on Friday. The little guy cost me $730 in vet bills. I’m still debating whether he’s worth it. 😉 His surgery went well. Gory details:After opening him up, the vet was able to … Continue reading

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STN on hiatus

One of my favorite internet forums,, is currently down while some long-needed maintenance is performed. No one quite knows how long that is going to take, so activity levels are up at a couple of regional forums as STN … Continue reading

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This little kitty….

…is having a bad week. I mentioned in my last post that my cat, Cali, has been vomiting since Sunday morning. I dropped him off at the vet this morning (his second vet visit of the week) for bloodwork and … Continue reading

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