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Belated Weekend Report

For once I feel like I had an incredibly productive weekend. I went out with Mom on both days and did a lot of clothes and shoe shopping both for Vegas and to cope with the Texas summer heat. I … Continue reading

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Farkle Time!

It’s been a while since I bought anything for my bike, but I’ve been doing a whole lotta commuting lately, and feeling slightly naked. My YZF had all sorts of safety oriented gadgets installed and I just haven’t managed to … Continue reading

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Marble Falls Ride

A few weeks ago, when I rode out with Scratch and the Inks Lake camping crew, they all told me that I was turning back “just before the good stuff.” Well, that’s been weighing pretty heavily on my mind, so … Continue reading

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Wildflower Ride

So I did a little 300 (or so) mile ride last Sunday. Big thanks to Cindy (Chatterbox) on TWTex for organizing. I’ve been pretty busy this week and didn’t even look at my pictures until earlier today. Cindy posted a … Continue reading

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My April Fools Bunny & New Job!

Well, before the day is over, I’d just like to say “Happy Birthday” to Ariana (Ari). She is 6 years old today. I can still remember picking her up from the breeder and bringing her down to San Luis Obispo. … Continue reading

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