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Getting *Legal* and Rear Tire #3

Before work this morning I went up to the Harris County Tax Office in Tomball to get the truck and BMW plated. I was happy to see that there was an actual line to stand in (instead of the voodoo-esque … Continue reading

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12k service completed

Just got home from picking up the BMW at the dealer. The service was $480. I’ll be buying a service manual cd soon and doing my own services from now on, but I wanted to get it documented entirely through … Continue reading

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Trip Prep

The preparations for a trip can be almost as exciting as the trip itself. They can also take longer. In reality, I don’t have much to do, even though this will be my first overnighter with the R12ST (I know… … Continue reading

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Update on the R12ST

The ST clicked over 7000 miles yesterday. I had been getting 40-42 mpg, but since my 6000 mile service, I’ve been seeing slightly better fuel efficiency. It’s now easily making it to 200 miles before hitting the one gallon reserve. … Continue reading

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6000 mile service completed!

And the ST is running great! I dropped the R1200ST off at BMW North Houston yesterday morning. They didn’t have the promised loaner bike available, so a tech dropped me off at work and then picked me up in the … Continue reading

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It was such a *moment*

I went into the dealer on Tuesday to buy oil, had a neat experience… Guy comes up to help me and I say I need some oil. I tell him what model I have and he helps me grab the … Continue reading

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