Family Reunion in San Diego… Oh. And a Wedding!

My sister Jessica married her long time (7 years!) boyfriend Dave over the past weekend. Family and friends converged on San Diego, CA for the ceremony and reception and various activities.

I arrived late Thursday night. Most of the women in the family met on Friday morning to head downtown to a salon in Horton Plaza for manicures and pedicures.

Friday night’s event was a pool party at Jess and Dave’s apartment complex. After enjoying some yummy Greek food, Dad handed the *dowry* over to Dave.

The ceremony, reception, and a cruise of the San Diego harbor took up most of Saturday.

We headed to the beach on Sunday. Jess and Dave went kayaking with a bunch of friends. I spent the day on the beach. Others went to the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, or sightseeing in Mexico.

Probably the best part about the weekend was interacting with all the family that attended. I hadn’t spent so much time with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in years.

Some assorted pictures:

Friday night:

Prepping for the wedding:

Waiting to board the boat:

At the reception:

Note: I didn’t take that many pictures on this trip. Dave and Jess set up a Flickr account. When I looked through it earlier this evening, it was up to 1500+ pictures. Knowing that *I* would never again want to go through that many pictures, I culled the ones that had meaning to me…. and posted them.

The full set of photos from this event can be found at

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