Quick Ride to the Gulf

I haven’t been doing much “riding for fun” lately. Really, all I’ve done since September pull out the bike for an occasional bike night.

I replaced my then 2-year old battery right before one such ride when the BMW wouldn’t start in the morning before work. I figured that it was time.

Waking up around 9 today, I decided to take the BMW out. It was too late to get in one of my epic 500-milers, so I settled for a quick jaunt down to Galveston for lunch via Crabb River Road.

Crabb River Road is a favorite among the southwest side squids. It’s got a few good turns (maybe 5 total) each separated by at least a mile of straights. Last time I rode it, I remember being pretty scornful, with a “Why bother?” attitude. This time, with less traffic, I concluded that it wasn’t bad, if you didn’t have anything else worthy within an hour’s ride.

Reaching the coast at Surfside City, I rode east on the Blue Water Highway (FM332).

I was surprised to find that I had to pay a $2 toll to cross the bridge onto Galveston Island. Luckily I had a few dollars in my wallet (I don’t usually carry cash).

Lunch was grilled shrimp, scallops, and redfish at Casey’s… the sister cafe to the famous Gaido’s of Galveston. While eating lunch, I periodically glanced up from my book to watch waves break on the seawall.

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