Farkle Wishlist (sigh)

My R1200ST is a great bike, but as a sport-touring junkie I feel an overwhelming need to add schtuff. This list is to help me organize my thoughts.


  • $163 – Touratech R12GS Aluminum Cylinder head guards PN:044-0360 (These look significantly more durable than the plastic BMW brand guards for only a little more cash)
  • $155Racer Multi-Top Waterproof Gloves. Men’s medium (probably)
  • $25 – 3M Scotchlite Reflector kit for Givi E450 from Twisted Throttle
  • $300? – R12GS Handguards
  • $108 – Givi R12ST Topcase rack from Twisted Throttle. I’m torn here. My old adapter plate works, but this would look much better. It does not appear to accommodate my Givi light kit, but it only works intermittently on my current rack anyway. This item can probably wait until I’ve exhausted the rest of the list.

The “It doesn’t exist yet” Wishlist:

  • Hella FF50 driving lights. Now I just gotta find someone who makes an affordable (or re-createable) set of mounting brackets that put them at headlight-level, NOT wheel-level. Yeah. I’d like them, but not till I figure out how to mount ’em.
  • $500+ – Fuel cell. Maybe Touratech will modify their new R12GS accessory tanks to fit the ST. Wishful thinking?

Long -term Wishlist:

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