It was such a *moment*

I went into the dealer on Tuesday to buy oil, had a neat experience…

Guy comes up to help me and I say I need some oil. I tell him what model I have and he helps me grab the right kind. I then say I want 3 bottles so I don’t have to come in again so soon. Concerned, he asked me the mileage and what it’s burned so far. I tell him about a quart in 1400 miles.

He says I’m fine but then says (and i know i”m mangling it, but it was such a *moment*)

“You tell anyone who asks that the hispanic from England but no british accent who’s really columbian told you that if the bike doesn’t move when you twist the throttle, shift down.”

The guy reminded me of Antonio Banderas. Another thanks to San Jose BMW for a great ownership experience. ( so far)

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