More on that last ride…

So I finally pulled the gas receipts and odometer log out of my tankbag. The ride turned out to be just under 500 miles. A few minutes work in Excel and I find that I’m getting 40-42 mpg. 🙁

Hopefully that will improve as the bike continues to break in. Of course, this might be a great excuse to investigate putting an aux fuel tank in the place of my passenger seat (which is pretty much useless baggage to me).

Some pics here, both from CA-58 (which most people agree is in the top 10 roads in CA). Of course, the problem with taking pics on uber-twisty roads is that there are never any acceptably paved turnouts at the best *twisty-vistas*, so you get mainly straight shots. At least the scenery was pretty on that chilly but sunny day.

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