Settling In

Sunday’s drive shall hereafter be known as “The Day the Weather Cleared Up.” With blue skies and dry pavement, we made good time across the state of Texas. There was a little wind at times, but nothing major, so we pretty much ran speed limit at 75 mph.

It was around 90° F when we stopped at a Sonic for lunch. This one was different, more like a traditional fast food restaurant where we had to go inside to order and get our food. Then we went and sat in the car to eat so the doors could be open and bunnies/kitty could have full ventilation.

I was driving the truck somewhere around Kerrville when I asked my dad “Is it a bad sign if a highway patrol does a u-turn in the median right after passing you?” Yup, hadn’t even been in Texas for a day when I had my first encounter with the police. He informed me that the speed limit had dropped to 70mph a few miles back. I’d had cruise control set at 75, which had been the speed limit for at least the last 500 miles. He was very polite and seemed to realize that I genuinely hadn’t seen the speed limit change. I got a written warning which I’m told will not go on my record.

I was a little shaken from the experience, so Dad took over driving as soon as we could pull over again. From there it was an easy drive into Houston.

We spent Monday unloading the truck and trailer. Cali the cat spent the time mostly hiding behind the guest room bed or under the covers. He came out occasionally to stalk the family room before being scared back into the guest suite by a slamming door or loud voices. I’m sure he’ll start feeling comfortable soon. He’s generally a pretty confident cat.

My bunnies, Ari and Sori, showed no signs of stress from the trip. They quickly kicked my mom’s bunny Bri out of her favorite box and Ari has had to be chased out of the guest room pretty much every time someone forgets to close the door. She’s my little explorer.

Last night (Tuesday) I went out to PO’s Burgers on Telge Rd/290 (about a 10-15 minute ride) for the weekly Two-Wheeled Texan’s meet. TWTex is the statewide sport-touring board. I felt right at home with the group. The people were nice and very welcoming. The board seems to be a great source for local roads and lots of trips posted to various parts of Texas and the surrounding states.

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