Belated Weekend Report

For once I feel like I had an incredibly productive weekend.

I went out with Mom on both days and did a lot of clothes and shoe shopping both for Vegas and to cope with the Texas summer heat. I picked up a couple of pairs of sandles and lots of capris and sleeveless shirts.

I’ve been wanting to repot the peace lily I keep at work, so we went into the newly opened Lowes to see if they had any cute pots. Silly me…I just can’t seem to get out of a hardware/garden store without a new houseplant.

Didn’t get any riding in, but did a bunch of work on my bike. I installed the new stuff from Cyclegadgets. The Kisan headlight modulator is giving me trouble, and I’m expecting a call back from the great guys at Kisan Tech this morning. BMW seems to be keeping them on their toes as far as Canbus and pin-out wiring changes.

As a last proof of my productivity for the weekend, the BMW got it’s first ever wash. Yup, first wash at just over 6000 miles. Yeah, I’m bad. Mom shamed me into washing *Big Green Truckly* too. The she pulled the Mini out of the garage and made me help her wash it. Not that it actually needed it.

I’m flying out to Vegas tomorrow afternoon. Watch this space for pics and reports!

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