Another great place to visit

I’ve been collecting other blogs on my blogroll lately and this one is particularly enjoyable right now. Deloeste is a motorcyclst from Detroit taking a cross country trip and posting pics and reports daily. It’s always fun to wake up in the morning, grab the laptop, and see where this traveler is. He takes pretty good pictures and has an enjoyable writing style. He crossed Nevada yesterday heading westbound. It was fun to get another take on roads I’ve ridden in the past.

Deloeste’s Journal

It’s a funny thing, riding alone… I never feel like I *need* to stop, but my mood and attitude definately take a downswing when I haven’t eaten or rested in a while. I always find that if the trip isn’t any fun, stopping at a gas station for a balanced ration of jerky, chocolate, and some other convienience-store item lik cheese & crackers or trail mix makes me fel 100% better. I was complaining to myself when I got off the freeway, but happily singin along with Kool & The Gang as I got back on the on-ramp 25 minutes later.”

I’m totally with you there, man. Cheese and crackers from the gas station rock to force yourself to take a real break. I’m often guilty of “200 miles, gas, repeat” when I should really stop and let circulation restart in my legs and butt.

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