Journey to the ST.N National Meet
Day 7 – Canaan Valley, WV to Paducah, KY
~605 miles

This day was planned as an unpleasant interstate marathon to position me for two days of enjoyable Arkansas and Oklahoma twisties.

By 8:45AM I’d said my goodbyes to the ST.Ners in the parking lot and rolled out. I made it to the freeway area by 9:45AM, just in time to put in a breakfast order at McDonalds.

After breakfast, I set out to conquer some freeway miles. Through most of West Virginia and into Kentucky, the interstate was actually too twisty to use the cruise control that I’d been overjoyed to finally repair yesterday. I needed control of the throttle to get around the relatively sharp curves and steep hills.

Once into Kentucky, I set the cruise and relaxed, letting my mind wander with the XM music and enjoyed the park like setting of a state I’d never visited before.

Near the shared border with Ohio, I saw what appeared to be the characteristic cooling towers of a nuclear power plant.

Passing Keeneland Park in Lexington, I fondly remembered reading books by Walter Farley as a horse-crazy child. I considered entering the park to view the paddocks but the driveway flashed past and I had many miles to go.

Needing a break after a gas stop, I headed down a highway following signs directing me to the “Lincoln Homestead.” The quiet state park at the end commemorated the lives of Abraham Lincoln’s parents. The park included several historic structures, including the log home that Lincoln’s grandmother raised her children in and the larger house where his parents courted. I took my two pictures of the day at this park.

Later in the day I saw signs directing travelers to Lincoln’s birthplace but I could not afford the time.

I also saw several signs along the Western Kentucky Parkway designating it as the future corridor of I-69. Now really…once the interstate opens, how long do you suppose THOSE signs will manage to stay up?

I ended my day at the campground in Paducah, yet again with no internet service and barely any phone signal. I did manage to call mom to get a weather check.

While I’m perfectly positioned to enjoy my next two days, the weather may or may not cooperate.

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