Slabbing Home

Journey to the ST.N National Meet
Day 9 – Arkadelphia, AR to Cypress, TX
~400 miles

Ok. So I didn’t take any pictures today either.

I guess the boredom of yesterday and today serve to balance out the awesomeness of the first half of the trip.

I started the day with a free continental breakfast from the hotel while surfing the net this morning. After packing the bike, I headed home via US59 throughTexarkana and Lufkin.

Once again, there were a few patches of rain, but nothing major until I got to the outskirts of Houston. I went through a pretty bad band of it on US59 but then broke out into wet sunshine for the rest of the ride.

The homecoming felt weird. I’ve been coming home from trips into the San Jose area for so long, it didn’t feel real coming into Houston.

Where were the wind farms over the Altamont pass? What about the Mt Hermon gas station exit on I80? Until I passed the Houston Airport at 30 miles out, if not for info displayed on the GPS, I could have been entering any strange metro area.

Anyway, I got home and was welcomed by my parents and Kelsey the Scottish Terrier. My cat did not seem at all interested in the return of his primary “food bowl filler”. The bunnies didn’t even come out of their haven behind the couches.

Just a normal evening at home with work to look forward to tomorrow. Feels good. Now, I gotta start planning the next trip. This one is on the books.

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