12k service completed

Just got home from picking up the BMW at the dealer. The service was $480. I’ll be buying a service manual cd soon and doing my own services from now on, but I wanted to get it documented entirely through break-in.

It’ll go back in a week or two to get all the insurance-covered parts installed and get the front brake rotors replaced under warranty.

The ride home was interesting. A nice rain system is going through today. It was fine when I left home, but raining on the way to the dealer. I thought I’d be clever and take the “northern” route home.

I. Got. Drenched.

Of course, I was wearing my mesh gear without rain liners. My hands are black from wearing unlined leather gloves. Arrgh. Part of the fun of owning a motorcycle, right?

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2 Responses to 12k service completed

  1. Black Ice says:

    Well, yeah. If something doesn’t go wrong, it ain’t a bike trip. 😉

  2. Jerry James says:

    Yeah, bike trips seem to always have a twist or two. My hands were black as well for a few days after our last trip and riding in the rain.

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