A movie, a ride, and a night out with the girls!


I saw Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest on Friday night with a group of people that I met on TWTexans. What a roller-coaster!

I went into the theater expecting some great special effects and was not disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even the plot was interesting and had me researching pirate lore as soon as I got home. Lots of reviews that I’ve read since compare it to “The Empire Strikes Back” because it’s the 2nd installment of a trilogy and has a lot of neat effects, but it complicates more storylines than it resolves. Let’s just say that I’ll be spending the $15 (or whatever gawd-awful price) they’re charging for movie tickets when the 3rd movie comes out.

After my late Friday night, I was a bit late to the Starbucks where people were meeting for the group ride I’d agreed to go on. Luckily, Rebecca, the ride leader, had just walked out of Bux with a large iced coffee when I showed up, so I felt fine running in for my own breakfast.

The ride was about 150 miles along some nice backroads with lunch at Kings Cafe in Montgomery. We had 4 girls and 2 guys, a very favorable ratio.

I had my camera along, but didn’t take any pictures. There is a ride report (by others) posted at TWTexans.

That bike in the picture where I appear to be headless? It’s a brand new FJR1300AE with push button shifting. It’s a motorcycle with no clutch lever. Really neat.

After the ride, I went home to rest and do some chores before heading out to a downtown bar with Rebecca and Stacey to see a band that Rebecca knew the members of. There were several bands playing that night.

Alternative music is not really my favorite. It just sounded like the bands were puking into the microphones. Furthermore, after all the non-smoking bars in San Jose, I’d forgotten how hard it is to breathe when the entire club smells like an ashtray, but I had a lot of fun going out and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

Coming next weekend…. an overnight trip to the Hill Country with Rebecca! Yeah. I’m excited. I finished planning the route last night. It’s packed with some of the best roads in Texas!

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