My GPS has set me free.

I had an epiphany this evening as I swooped through the forest to get to a local bike night.

My GPS has set me free.

It used to be that I was locked into a predetermined route, too scared of getting lost to dare to explore. I rode along, encumbered by traffic and freaking out at the thought of missing my exit or making a wrong turn.

I know that some people can handle and even enjoy riding off into the complete unknown, but I never have. Always, I must have a plan.

Case in point:

My usual route to this particular bike night is straight up I45 with a left on Highway 105. It’s simple, easy, and absolutely boring. But it’ll get me there every time. I *know* this route.

The problem is that I45 is currently under construction between The Woodlands and Conroe. It narrows down to a very slow two lane that is torture on my clutch hand.

Tonight I decided to try something different. On a whim, I exited at 1488 and headed west. I knew that somewhere along that highway would be an opportunity to go north. I knew this because I had a dim recollection that I had crossed 1488 on a recent “fun” ride.

Sure enough, a few miles in I came to the intersection with Egypt-Honea Rd. I’d been on it before and I knew it was curvy and scenic. It wouldn’t get me all the way to Montgomery, but it would get me close and connect to a road that would.

Sure enough. I arrived safely and within my desired time frame.

If I hadn’t had the gps, I doubt I’d have dared to try something different, too afraid of being late to the event. Thus, the GPS has set me free to explore new territory without stressing.

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