Are you in a rut?

From Bamarider’s latest trip report (link in sidebar):

“I think folks go in a comfort zone, and get stuck in a “rut.” I believe you have to break out of it to live a full life. Go to work, come home, rub the kids, eat, pass out in front of the TV each evening. Riding a motorcycle across America, solo, certainly qualifies as a means out of Rutville. Not always easy, lots of uncertainty, but NEVER boring, I can’t measure how it has enriched my life the last few years.

Take a rat, put him in a cage, with no interaction with the outside world, and see how long he lasts.

If you long to ride cross country, but talk yourself out of it by, “I don’t like being by myself, I get nervous when I’m too far from home, I might get wet, it gets too hot, what if I have a breakdown, and the list goes on- just go do it. All of those things might happen, and all on the same day, but so WHAT?” Overcoming those things will make you better, you will walk in some cafe in podunk and folks will feel your confidence in the air, anything bad I might get on the road is far exceeded by the enjoyment.”

Reading this brought to mind several friends who WANT to go out on that great American road trip, but seem to keep finding reasons to postpone it. I firmly believe that you just need to throw all those thoughts away and GO! It’ll always work out.

I’ve been reading Guy’s trip reports for a few years now. They are wonderfuly detailed, with great pictures. Guy has somehow magically found a way to slow it down and talk to people while still getting some serious mileage in. He’s retired and takes his ST1300 and R1200RT on frequent multi-day trips. His packing tips page has several great ideas that I’ve adapted.

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  1. Russell says:

    HAH! I definitely resemble this mark, makes me me wonder if it was about me..:p You know my story though…

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