Femmoto 2006 – Sunday

We were back at the track at 7AM on Sunday morning so Yosh and Kristina could select motorcycles for their track day. Carolyn and I had flights out that afternoon, but we wanted to be there to watch and take pictures.

Kristina & Carolyn in line to choose bikes

Kristina & Yosh at the riders’ meeting

Yosh prepping for her first session – Breakfast of Champions!

Yosh and Kristina cooperated by riding on the same track (there were two) for the two sessions before lunch. Carolyn, Jason (Slingshot) and I found some good vantage points for pictures.

Jason’s pictures: http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c280/redfury93/femoto2006/
Carolyn’s pictures: http://www.bluepoof.com/pics/october06/100806-femmoto/

For the first session, Yosh was on a Buell something-or-other (technical term) and Kristina was on her coveted orange Ulysses. They rode on Track 1, with lots of straights and tight turns.


Kristina fastening her helmet

Kristina on the Ulysses

Yosh leading on the Buell



In the second session, both Kristina and Yosh were on Kawasaki Ninja 650s. They rode on Track 2, which has more smooth sweeping turns. Both Kristina and Yosh later said that they preferred Track 2.

Jason and Yosh – nana…Femmoto is for Girls!

Yosh in neon leathers on a Ninja 650

Yosh leading the pack

Kristina on a Ninja 650

Yosh leading Kristina

Time passed quickly watching the riders on the track. Before long, it was time for Jason to drive me and Carolyn back to the hotel to get our luggage for the flights home.

If they still offer the MSF Dirt course next year, I think I’ll do the Saturday track day, and then Sunday morning dirt session.

A few more of my pictures and 3 movies of Kristina and Yosh on the track are posted at http://www.rocketbunny.net/uploads/Femmoto2006/Femmoto2006.html

I’m definitely going to be at Femmoto2007. How about you?

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  1. Kristina says:

    I’m definetely going to Femmoto 2007 as well.

    BTW, the tracks were “A” and “B” and I preferred the “B” course where Buell and KYMCO were….not the “A” course where Kawasaki was.

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