New York Photos

Photos from my trip to New York last weekend are posted here.

Some of the better ones:

Circle Line 3-Hour Cruise around Manhattan Island:

Rockefeller Center:

Walking in Central Park:

At the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art):


We were hurrying along toward a subway stop and all of a sudden I see “Lever House” out of the corner of my eye.

More architecture. I’m blanking, but I know it’s a famous skyscraper.

Sunday night on the observation deck at the Empire State Building.

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One Response to New York Photos

  1. roadrailer says:

    Awesome pictures. I went to NYC 10 years ago last March (has it been that long?), and had a really good time. I’ll go back someday.

    BTW, the first day of my Arkansas trip is up on my blog.


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