Workshop CD Arrived

I ordered a BMW R1200 Workshop CD and oil filter wrench from Motobins just before the New York trip. It arrived yesterday.

Cost was $91 shipped from England.

Now I just need to acquire the appropriate feeler guages, oil filter, and oil. Maybe I’ll attempt the valve check this coming weekend.

Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to Workshop CD Arrived

  1. Oil filter wrench? Are beemers not good enough for a strap wrench? LOL

  2. professor says:

    If you go to Sears, look for the automotive aisle. They have a set of feeler gauges, flat/blade type, all in a bunch that are held together with a thumb screw. You can just take out the screw, slide out the 2 gauges you need, and slip them into your tool kit. Then all you need is a 3mm allen key and a 10mm open-end wrench (or is it 8mm? no I think it’s 10).

    You can do it! Plus it’s cool to pull those cylinder covers off and see what part of your engine looks like!

  3. professor says:

    You want Sears item #00940804000 / Crafstman p/n #40804. Cost is $6 before tax 🙂

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