Belated Kitty update

I brought Cali home from the vet on Friday. The little guy cost me $730 in vet bills. I’m still debating whether he’s worth it. 😉

His surgery went well.

Gory details:
After opening him up, the vet was able to “milk” the rubber cap out of his stomach and down into his colon, where it was retrieved rectally. This meant that they didn’t have to cut into his intestinal tract and avoided increased risk of infection. He’s got a 4″ long line of stiches on his shaved belly. They come out at the end of this week. Thankfully, the vet said stitches removal and the follow-up visit is already included in the bills I paid….or I’d have my dad do it.

Cali was also diagnosed with mild pancreatitis. He’s on mild prescription food this week and not allowed to leave my room. Happily, he hasn’t done any more vomiting and seems to have plenty of energy. He’s been very affectionate and uber-cute in his soft blue E-collar. We spent a lot of the weekend curled up on the bed together.

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