New Gear & One Year on the R1200ST

Just in time for winter…..

I decided a few months ago that my FirstGear Hypertex Air Pants weren’t going to cut it for winter. While I don’t expect to see any snow, Texas does get colder than California.

After much research and agonizing, I settled on a new Tourmaster Transition jacket, Tourmaster Caliber pants, Sidi Strada Tepor boots, and Racer Multi-top gloves. I updated my gear page with short descriptions of my new gear.

A good in-depth review will have to wait. I’ve had the stuff for about a week, but only ridden once. The weather has been bad and I had to deal with Cali’s illness. Furthermore, I’m leaving for Cancun on Wednesday for an office “retreat” that will last through next weekend.

Look for pictures from Cancun over the next few days, and hopefully a gear review and maintenance write-up once I get back. (Yeah – I still haven’t done my 18k service).

In other news, I will have officially been a BMW owner for one year on November 13. In celebration, I finally joined the BMWMOA (BMW Motorcycle Owners Club). The birthday boy R1200ST has 18,800 miles as of today, and I doubt I’ll be able to put any more on by the 13th.

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