Cool and Crisp

This morning it was 54 degrees, with a clear blue sky and a light breeze. Perfect riding weather, eh?

I could just imagine bundling into my warm new winter gear, plugging in the Widder vest, flipping on the grip warmers, and heading out for an exciting adventure on the road.

Instead I mentally waved to my little sister, Amy. She departed this morning in her pick-up truck on a quick dash from Houston to San Luis Obispo, CA to get her belongings out of storage. She needs to be back by Turkey day, so it’s not exactly a pleasure cruise at 1730 miles each way.

I’m still jealous. Did I say that I love road trips?

She called me while I was commuting to work in my truck to ask for advice about a bypass around San Antonio that her GPS is telling her to take.

No worries. Tomorrow morning’s weather will likely be a repeat. And Tomorrow (singing: to-morrow!) I’ll be loading up the R1200ST for a TWT tech day / campout / BBQ up north followed by a nice long riding day on Sunday as I head home with a detour through the piney woods.

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3 Responses to Cool and Crisp

  1. Tomorrow should be an absolute blast! The bonfire and cookout sound like the makings of an awesome rally.

    That “detour” home should be the riding highlight of the trip. Condiering it’s likely to be my last long ride for the season, let’s make it a great one!

  2. Oh, and don’t be jealous about Amy’s trip – a quick run is never fun, because you don’t get to stop and do all that fun stuff along the way. We’ll get out on a road trip (sans bikes) one of these days too.

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