Some Happy Tidings

I had a nice solo ride on Saturday. I rode over 400 miles in a triangle between Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. The R1200ST officially clicked over 20,000 miles. More pictures and a short ride report later.

In other news, I was notified that I will get a nice raise effective January 1st. Yay me!

I also recieved a year-end bonus check that will enable me to write about some new farkle (accessory) installations in the next few weeks. It also injected some welcomed cash into my truck loan. I’ll likely have the truck paid off by mid-2007.

And with my finances finally freed up to put into savings/down payment…who knows…by this time next year, I could be moving into MY OWN HOUSE!

//knocks on wood
///crosses fingers
////bounces down the hallway, wild with glee!

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