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Sunday, STN Region 2 Meet & Eat – Cloudcroft NM

Two early mornings in a row had taken their toll. My body just refused to get moving early once again, despite the sure knowledge that I had another long day in front of me. I had previously decided to avoid … Continue reading

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Saturday, STN Region 2 Meet & Eat – Cloudcroft NM

I stepped out of my room at the agreed upon time of 8AM and found the parking lot deserted except for a lone rider cleaning his windshield. He informed me that the others had already walked over to breakfast. It … Continue reading

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Friday, STN Region 2 Meet & Eat – Cloudcroft NM

“What a beautiful morning for a ride!” I murmured to the wind as I rolled through San Antonio, TX at 9AM on Friday, April 20, 2007. I was on my way to Cloudcroft, NM for a Sport-Touring.Net gathering. Normally I … Continue reading

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June Tour

I’ve been waffling for a while over whether to front or rear-load my June tour and appearance at the ST.N national meet (June 13 in Custer, SD). I finally decided (and officially office-calendared) on June 11-22 off work, which means … Continue reading

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First Look: RKA 8.5 liter 3-point “MiniX” Tankbag

With all the luggage capacity on the R1200ST, people often ask why I need a tankbag too. My tankbag holds only items that need to be quickly and easily accessible: wallet, phone, camera, and face-shield cleaner. It’s kind of like … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Do It!

Wash the bike, that is. Wild West Honda/BMW did. Aren’t they nice? I dropped the R1200ST off at the Katy, TX dealer early this morning for new brake pads and a brake system bleed. While I was there, I purchased … Continue reading

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Evening Ride

When I left work at 6:30 tonight, I fully intended to go home, have dinner with my family, and attack the R1200ST with a hose and bucket of warm soapy water. When I was about halfway home, I realized that … Continue reading

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BIG Smiles

It was truly beautiful this evening…80 degrees, clearing skies with low humidity. I got home from work around 7pm, perfect timing to finish installing the seat and bags onto the BMW and do a short shakedown ride to the TWTex … Continue reading

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Sleepy Kitty

Cali gave us a little scare last weekend. He decided not to eat breakfast on Saturday, instead choosing to lounge on my bed. Happily, by dinner time he started to show interest in food again. By Sunday night he seemed … Continue reading

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Roadside Assistance

When I got my license to drive at age 16, my parents handed me a AAA card along with the keys to the car. I vividly remember the first time I locked the keys into the car and had to … Continue reading

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