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A Busy Schedule

I think I complained back in October about my busy schedule of motorcycling social events during the week. This week was busier than most. Monday:Rebecca’s first weekly Sugarland Coffee Meet was a hit! Replacing our Monday Night Football for a … Continue reading

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Rear Tire #4 Mounted

Lessee, I’ve got some catching up to do… When last we left our heroine, she was rolling into her garage after foiling the cunning plan of that pesky sliver of metal. //I guess that means my mettle was match enough … Continue reading

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NYE Ride and Tire Repair Kit Review

Most of the time, emergency-use items such as first-aid kits and tire repair kits are just so much extra weight. In those rare occasions when they are needed, they are worth their weight in gold. It was a beautiful Texas … Continue reading

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