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It was going to be a boring weekend

Tony was on-call at work, so he wouldn’t be joining me in any rides. The other usual suspects were busy. I didn’t feel like moping around the house, so Friday morning I called my sister Jessica to see if she … Continue reading

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The Grumpiest Time of Year

Supposedly, January is the grumpiest time of year for most people. My day hasn’t been terribly splendid, so here’s a picture of a cute bunny. This was taken the night I brought Sorsha home, back in 2002. She was about … Continue reading

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Chowder ride

A recent thread on BARF reviewed great clam chowder places in the Bay Area. I of course praised my beloved Splash Cafe down in Pismo as the end-all be-all of chowders. Another chowder house that came up repeatedly was Phil’s … Continue reading

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It was such a *moment*

I went into the dealer on Tuesday to buy oil, had a neat experience… Guy comes up to help me and I say I need some oil. I tell him what model I have and he helps me grab the … Continue reading

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Put on some mileage this weekend…

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve really ridden the BMW. We’ve had some awful weather lately: winds, rain, flooded roads. With this weekend shaping up to be nice, Tony and I made plans with Sean (Thirdwaver) and Jesse (QuickNinja) … Continue reading

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Farkle Wishlist (sigh)

My R1200ST is a great bike, but as a sport-touring junkie I feel an overwhelming need to add schtuff. This list is to help me organize my thoughts. Wishlist: $163 – Touratech R12GS Aluminum Cylinder head guards PN:044-0360 (These look … Continue reading

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a sledding we will go!

A few months ago Tony revealed to me that he had never been sledding. On Dec 30, 2005 we made plans to rectify the situation by visiting Yosemite National Park. I have fond memories of sledding in Yosemite as a … Continue reading

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