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42k Service, Tires, & Pre-trip update

I broke all the rules by doing the 42,000 mile service on the R1200ST over the weekend (@42500 miles).  I leave on an 11 day tour this Thursday. I started Saturday morning by reinstalling the wheels (new rear tire and … Continue reading

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36k Service

I did a 36,000 mile service on the R1200ST on September 8 (weekend before last). Valve adjust, oil change, and a new rear tire. It was the first motorcycle maintenance I’ve done in my new garage… Also the first time … Continue reading

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Productive Weekend

I had an incredibly productive weekend, triggered by awareness of my imminent tour and an incredibly flat rear tire. I left work early on Friday to run some errands. The R1200ST seemed to be handling strangely on my ride home … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Do It!

Wash the bike, that is. Wild West Honda/BMW did. Aren’t they nice? I dropped the R1200ST off at the Katy, TX dealer early this morning for new brake pads and a brake system bleed. While I was there, I purchased … Continue reading

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I’ve been incredibly busy with work lately… deadline upon deadline has meant no time to work on the ST. I even worked last weekend! So…… I skipped bike night at PO’s *gasp!* to install the new front wheel tonight. The … Continue reading

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Rear Tire #4 Mounted

Lessee, I’ve got some catching up to do… When last we left our heroine, she was rolling into her garage after foiling the cunning plan of that pesky sliver of metal. //I guess that means my mettle was match enough … Continue reading

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NYE Ride and Tire Repair Kit Review

Most of the time, emergency-use items such as first-aid kits and tire repair kits are just so much extra weight. In those rare occasions when they are needed, they are worth their weight in gold. It was a beautiful Texas … Continue reading

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18k Service on the R1200ST

Well, I finally did it, even if it was a few miles late (at 19, 300). Rebecca came over for bagels and lox on Thanksgiving morning. After finishing breakfast, we headed out to the garage to tackle the service on … Continue reading

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Workshop CD Arrived

I ordered a BMW R1200 Workshop CD and oil filter wrench from Motobins just before the New York trip. It arrived yesterday. Cost was $91 shipped from England. Now I just need to acquire the appropriate feeler guages, oil filter, … Continue reading

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New Front Tire

The front tire on the ST has been pretty cooked for a while now. With 8000 miles on the clock, the tread is cupped and it has a big flat spot in the middle. That said, the wear bars are … Continue reading

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